Leadership Learning Programs

Leadership Learning Programs

We deliver an agile, proven approach to the development, design and delivery of Leadership Learning Programs.

At every turn, we strive to be your evolutionary partner in leadership learning, with the overarching goal of creating Sustained Leadership Impact throughout your organization.

Our Leadership Learning Programs are based on the following core principles:

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Sustained Leadership Impact

What makes our leadership learning programs different is that at every turn, we make leadership development sustainable so that leaders experience continuous leadership growth during and post-program. In our Leadership Learning Programs, your leaders will:

  • Experience an ongoing cycle of self-development propelled by self-awareness and intentional action
  • Learn to generate continuous leadership growth in others and cascade a culture of leadership and learning throughout the organization
A Coach Approach to Leading

Strong leaders are strong coaches, and the strongest leaders adopt a coach approach when developing self and others. In our Leadership Learning Programs, your leaders will:

  • Engage in self-realization and reflection to extract meaning and lessons from experience
  • Stretch and challenge themselves to accomplish larger goals and achievements
  • Recognize blocks that hinder performance, and, through understanding the underlying issues, gain new strategies for working through these blocks more quickly and with greater success
  • Generate leadership transformation in others by engaging in an atmosphere of transparency, candor and feedback
Leveraging Leadership as a Community

Our programs promote leadership sustainability by leveraging leadership as a community – that is, developing a leadership community with the shared purpose to drive a culture of high performance, peer-to-peer accountability, cross-functional collaboration and personal development. In our Leadership Learning Programs, your leaders will:

  • Advance the culture of peer accountability whereby, based in trust, leaders are comfortable with each other, speaking their minds, and holding self and others to account
  • Recognize and optimize strength in diversity and the collective set of capabilities
  • Create a community of support whereby leaders, through creative conflict and collaboration, push each other towards higher performance and achieve as a collective
Learning Transfer that Works

Leadership learning only creates impact if it is leveraged to create on-the-job results. Our programs have a strong focus on a transfer of learning for real on-the-job impact. In our Leadership Learning Programs, we optimize learning transfer by:

  • Utilizing innovative, cutting-edge learning transfer tools that create leadership change by rewarding behaviours the right way
  • Infusing our program content, delivery and experience with coaching principles (e.g., self-generative learning) to teach participants how they best learn and develop so that they are in a much better place to transfer learning and continue developing post-program
  • Blended and e-learning strategies that ‘make learning stick’ via convenient, flexible, innovative and tech-savvy methodology and content
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